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The Company

Ajkun Ballet Company, dancers ballet performance by Chiara Ajkun

Under the Artistic Leadership of Chiara Ajkun the Ajkun Ballet Theatre is committed to reaching all people through world class performances. Our repertory of Traditional Ballets and riveting New Choreography is performed in our New York City theaters and beyond.

The Dancers

Kylie Brown
dancer of the Ajkun Ballet Theatre
Welton Lucena Costa
dancer of the Ajkun Ballet Theatre
Rodrigo Blanco Perez

Senior Artists

Bianca Delli Priscoli, Sofia Forero, Storm Ide, Nicola Iervasi, Areum Jeong, Abbi Johnson, Simon Kazantsev, Allan McCormick, Telmen Munkherdene, Eureka Nakano-Grimes, Bailey Smith, Risa Takeshima, and Alice Torii.

Dancers of the Ajkun Ballet Theatre: Biographies of the senior artists.

Junior Artists

Ergys Jake, Luana da Silva, Angelina Nicole Matteliano, Elisa Molinari, Noah Obos, Camilla Parker, Ella Smart, Liam Walsh, and Tomas Martinelli.

We take pride in our roster of extraordinary Artists, whether emerging talent or internationally renowned. Far beyond Inclusion, the Ajkun Ballet Theatre has always regarded Diversity and Equity as its strength and purpose. It is with Collaboration between Artists that we inspire and Tour the World.

Ballet Masters

Laura De Aira

Luigi Martelletta

Raffaele Morra ​

Leonardo Reale

Rodolfo Romero

Ellen Sinopoli

Laura Teeter, Assistant

Well-Being Unit

Mary Jo Byrne, Well-Being Unit Director

Dr. Greg Werner, Chiropractor

Dr. Jia Kang, Acupuncturist

Robin Werner, Nutritionist

Joanne Catherine, Nurse Practitioner

Patrizia Mantovani, Pilates Instructor

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