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Performing in New York

is the New York Ballet Intensive of the Ajkun Ballet Theatre. Our summer program for Dance Students, Professional Dancers, and Dance Teachers pursuing a professional career and interested in enhancing their preparation to further their careers in the industry. 


Beginner Dance Students and Dance Teachers please visit our Dance Education

New York Summer Intensive of the Ajkun Ballet Theatre

Program Overview

Our Performing in New York program comprises of advanced ballet training and hands-on understanding of the Ajkun Ballet Company's Production and Performance time, fully allowing participants to experience subjects not conventionally accessible in a study setting.


Admission and financial aid are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis for merit and additional grants may be offered by the AjkunBT Fund to qualifying dancers. Early application is strongly encouraged. Admission for all Dates listed in Next Sessions is currently Open.


Upcoming session

July 20 to August 17, 2024


Next sessions

July 19 to August 16, 2025 | July 18 to August 15, 2026 | July 17 to August 14, 2027



Determinant to the success of emerging Artists is the inspirational relationship with the Company's Artistic Director Dr. Chiara Ajkun and our Company Dancers who mentor and perform alongside Participants daily, and the opportunity to be part of the creative process of our Resident Choreographers. Specialty classes expose participants to subjects critical and instrumental to the success of a professional dancer.


Dancers joining our program are challenged and inspired to achieve the very best through four high-level daily classes, in a nurturing environment considerate of age and dance level, and then to convey their skills during performances. We believe in the importance of providing strong ballet, pointe, and repertory training that broadens modern dance techniques and an injury prevention-physical strengthening plan (IPPSP) in support of a healthful and long career in the field.

Training in the Ajkun Methodology & Specialty Classes

  • Ballet Technique with Dancer’s Injury Prevention Integration

  • Pointe Variations and Male Variations in Ballet Repertory

  • Contemporary Repertory of the Ajkun Ballet Company

  • Staging & Performing

  • Cross Training (Body Conditioning & Pilates)

  • Workplace Awareness

  • Makeup

  • Professional Networking & Social Media



Our performance schedule allows participants to learn many aspects of a Ballet Dancer's life, from touring to public speaking. Lectures and active cooperation with our production staff guide and thoroughly expose dancers to the specific requirements of a professional career.


Our Wardrobe provides performance costumes. Public Performances may be sided by: Arts in Education Events, followed by a question/answer period with the audience, Press Presentations, discovering promotional topics, Showcases for potential donors to a participant’s career, Open Rehearsals for a targeted audience leading to potential contract opportunities.

Any question about our program? We welcome all inquiries by email

For Dancer's Programs Voicemail call + 1 (347) 346-9951

More Dance Programs

The Ajkun Ballet Theatre offers a variety of programs in New York City and abroad and opportunities to earn a New York State Certificate in the Ajkun © Methodology.

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