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Trainee Program

of the Ajkun Ballet Theatre

Our Trainee Program is designed for Dancers interested in learning the Ajkun © Methodology and the Trademark Ballets performed worldwide by the Ajkun Ballet Company.

This program is suitable for dancers interested in furthering their careers by fully experiencing the distinctive qualities of the Ajkun Ballet Company.

In a Nutshell


Countries entrust their finest talent to the Ajkun Ballet Theatre.


Candidates audition every year


Trainee positions available to dancers aged 16+


Professional dance companies employed our Alumni.

Audition anytime by video or attend an open audition. Public and Government Funding cover a portion of the cost. AjkunBT Fund may award Housing and Airfare financial assistance during the Program.


"Training with Chiara Ajkun is life changing. Chiara's knowledge, artistry and outstanding leadership has no comparison in today's ballet world and attracts the most brilliant talents of the Globe. Chiara's coaching is behind the most notable dancers gracing the stages of Australia, Asia, Europe, the Americas and the United States.  If you can get into the Ajkun Ballet's Trainee Program, you will be on your way to success" 

The Ballet World, Grace Ann Whitman

*Audition anytime by video or attend our open audition.

Any question about our program? We welcome all inquiries by email

Call Dancer's Programs and leave a Voicemail          + 1 (347) 346-9951

More about AjkunBT's Dance Education

The Ajkun Ballet Theatre offers a variety of programs in New York City and abroad and opportunities to earn a New York State Certificate in the Ajkun © Methodology.

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