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New York Winter Festival

Celebrate Dance in the magical winter wonderland of New York City, nurture your Artistic Quality with the Superlative Teaching of our Artists, and take part in a Performance building Cultural Collaboration. Join us for Ajkun Ballet Theatre's Celebration of Dance!

The annual celebration of all dance styles of the Ajkun Ballet Theatre

Program Overview

The New York Winter Festival (NYWF) is a Weeklong Celebration of Dance held every year in appreciation of All Dance Styles and Genres offering Classical Ballet and Modern/ Contemporary Dance workshops and the opportunity to perform in the heart of New York City. 


Dance Students, Performers, and Dance Schools/Groups interested in enhancing their technique, and performing skills, and desire to receive exposure in New York City, the Dance Capital of the World, are invited to participate. Participants may choose to partake in the workshop, performance, or both.

Next session 

January 8-13 2024


Classes will be held from Monday through Friday. Every participant can attend the following classes:


  • Ballet Technique (intermediate/advanced level)

  • Female Variations (one daily class: intermediate /advanced level)

  • AjkunBT’s Choreographic Repertory (one daily class)


All classes are taught by AjkunBT Senior Artists.



The final performance will be on Saturday


Dancers may enter as Solo Performers (Solo/Duet/Trio), as part of a Dance School/Company (four to ten dancers) or both are welcome to submit their own pieces. The showcase, comprised of pieces submitted by participants as well as new works by choreographers performed by professionals, will be a ticketed event.

*The Audition Outcome is emailed within the two weeks following the audition along with information on how to complete the registration

Any questions about our program? We welcome all inquiries by email.

For Dancer's Programs Voicemail call + 1 (347) 346-9951

More Dance Programs

The Ajkun Ballet Theatre offers a variety of programs in New York City and abroad and opportunities to earn a New York State Certificate in the Ajkun (C) Methodology.

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