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At Ajkun Ballet Theatre, we understand you have a choice. We are strong believers that contributing to the Arts, Dance in particular, is extremely significant. Your choice: help all to enjoy the theater, support a dancer, give life to new art. We encourage you to act in the present to promote a bright future and maintain balance in the world.

Donors perform a crucial role in sustaining the artistic stature of the Ajkun Ballet Theatre. Because the cost of producing world-class performances far exceeds ticket sales, Ajkun Ballet depends upon public contributions to provide approximately half of the annual operating costs. Generous supporters have helped to make Ajkun Ballet Theatre a highly regarded dance organization, offering a Performance Season, Educational Programs, and a Fund to local and international communities.

Key Programs

With your support, we can continue our mission to open the avenues of understanding through the Arts, to create a wide range of job opportunities, to nurture the talent of young artists, and to advance both artistic creativity and the science of teaching. All resources are welcome, and we encourage you to give at the support level that fits your means.

The Dollar Tree

Donation in any amount

Support Ajkun Ballet Theatre with any dollar amount. It is that simple: just give us what you can and we will make good use of it. Please see below how you can send your contribution and consider a monthly donation. Thank You!

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A Ticket to Dream

Starting at $60

Reach out to the Community and provide free tickets to our performances for the disadvantaged or offer a performance in Public Schools and Children Hospitals. We proudly match dollar by dollar for every ticket you donate. 

A ticket to dream.png

Dancers' Ring

Starting at $500

Honor your favorite Dancer or help a rising Star soar. You may also Name one of our Performances to honor or remember Someone Special in your life.


Creativity Matters!

Starting at $75

Creativity Matters! Supports the creation of Chiara Ajkun's Original Art and the worldwide performances of her choreography.


AjkunBT Fund

Starting at $500

Enhance Worldwide Friendship, Tourism and Quality of Life through Educational Funding for Dancers and Producing and Presenting Support for Choreographers outside of our Roster.

AjkunBT Fund.png

Gold Circle

Starting at $1,300

Let it be Dance to draw more people to discover your favorite Museum or Historical Site. Complement your Special Event with a performance by the AjkunBT Artists.

Platinum Circle

Starting at $50,000

Behind every Creation, there is always a Star. Be our Luminary by offsetting the costs of conceiving and creating a large-scale production and holding national and international residencies.


Please contact us to explore how sponsoring Ajkun Ballet Theatre could boost your business.

In-Kind Donation

Please contact us to provide Goods or Services to our Company, Artists, Personnel, or Audiences.

Contributions are accepted via

Mail a Check payable to Ajkun Ballet Theatre

30 Pilot Street, Suite 3 L, NY | NY 10464-1631 | USA

Transfer funds from your bank or use your Credit/Debit Card                                

Please do not forget to indicate your name, the program you are donating to, and to provide us with an electronic or postal address where you would like us to send your receipt. Please let us know if you wish your gift to remain confidential.

Why your contribtion is needed

Why your Contribution is Needed 

Art helps Learning. The Lab at Harvard was recently established to "break down boundaries between the arts and sciences to accelerate learning." The University of New Mexico, the Art Sci Center at UCLA, the Swiss Artist-in-Labs, and many prominent Scientists think the same. Students involved in the Arts are less likely to drop out of School and more likely to excel academically. Ajkun Ballet Theatre provides a learning methodology based on science, available throughout the Public School system, in our tuition-free programs for Children of the community, and significant financial support for Professionally Oriented Dancers and Dance Teachers attending our programs.


Art saves Lives. Watching a performance is proven to reduce stress, and sharing a passion is the perfect tool for fighting metropolitan isolation. Dance Exercise promotes health and well being, and Dance Training is an extremely powerful anti-bully tool. Pursuing a Dance career has helped thousands to see diversity as an enrichment to our society, and to fight temptations associated with underprivileged living. Ajkun Ballet Theatre’s Performance Season balances Traditional and Contemporary Repertory offered in glamorous venues and underserved communities alike. We strive to produce ballets bridging the generational gap, stimulating intellectual curiosity and reflecting on social topics. The AjkunBT Fund’s grant programs are vital to many, on a national and international scale.

Dance builds a Better World. Education in the Arts is an effective way to reduce cross-cultural hate, and build mutual understanding amongst People from different backgrounds. Dance is a non-verbal communication tool that overcomes language barriers. Traveling and performing impact audiences and artists alike in a meaningful way and create lasting friendships. Our Programs have engaged thousands of Dancers and Dance Educators from 130 Countries. The Ajkun Ballet Theatre annually tours Australia, Europe and the United States and our Artistic Staff travels to Canada, South and Central America and Asia to select new Talent. We pride ourselves to call Ajkun Ballet Theatre a family extended across borders, beliefs and cultural backgrounds.

Dance Produces Jobs. Not only the Artists depend on your contribution, but Administrators, Educators, Theater and Studio Crews, Costume/Scenery/Lighting/Sound Personnel, along with the Media and Marketing People benefit from your support in their Jobs created by Dance. The young generation is particularly at risk, as is your money invested in Performing Arts' Public Schools and Colleges. Furthermore, think about how investing a dollar can make a difference for your business. Ajkun Ballet Theatre‘s philosophy on jobs is realistic. The cost of Dance Education shall reflect the actual industry wages, and no Talent should be left behind because of finances. While we feel Dance Education should be accessible to all, proper orientation for professional careers needs to be a moral responsibility, as should working etiquette and financial stability for the professionals. In exchange, we create a higher standard and reasonable expectations.

Art Returns Billions of Dollars to the Local, State, and Federal Governments. From choreography and music rights to the manufactory of Dancewear and Shoes, passing by the Multi-Million Dollar Dance School Business, down to the wealth that Dance Students traveling from all over the World bring to the United States, Dance pays some bills. Sustaining the artistic stature of our Country's organizations will likely cut some dollars off your taxes. Everyone benefits from the Arts. Yet, public funds are scarcely invested in the Arts. Out of the 3.6 trillion of Federal Spending (source: CBPP, 2012), our main investment was in defense and security. Prevention, Catharsis, Education, Collaboration… anyone? Ever thought of investing in the Arts?

The AjkunBT Fund receives financial support from Governments, Government Agencies, Dance Universities, Schools, Companies, Competitions, Private Patrons, and Corporate Sponsors. Donors may contribute to the general purpose of the AjkunBT Fund or specifically endorse an Artist or the Talent from a Country of choice. 

If you wish to make the difference, please donate 

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