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Sizzling tangos tell the stories of ordinary people.
Love, jealousy, passion, menage a trois, and despair live during the night from Buenos Aires to New York City.

Choreography: Chiara Ajkun Original Art

Tango Nights

Close embraces, raw feelings and the authentic music test relationships between men and women in all of “it’s complicated”. A fusion of dance and lighting frame the dancers while music gives the rhythm to seductive and whimsical acts.
Chiara Ajkun's lifelong love of dynamic dancing, artistry and elegance choreographed in her newest ballet. New York City Premiere. 

Show Running Times


May 31, 2024

7:30 pm

in New York City
Theater at St. Jean
150 E 76th Street, NYC, NY 10021


June 1, 2024

7:30 pm

in New York City

Theater at St. Jean

150 E 76th Street, NYC, NY 10021


June 2, 2024

2:00 pm

in New York City

Theater at St. Jean

150 E 76th Street, NYC, NY 10021

* There are no Door Sales

Performance Series: The Theater Experience

Chiara Ajkun’s Original Art is the signature repertory of the Ajkun Ballet Theatre, performed in
Theater, and has earned the Ajkun Ballet Company worldwide reputation. Chiara believes ballets
to be more enjoyable in a concise form – hence her one-act shows with minimalist scenery.

Centerstage are the movements and feelings of the protagonists of the stories she often writes the libretto for, accompanied by music carefully selected.

Vip, Front Row and General seating.

Will Call opens one hour before the performance and audience is seated 30 minutes from showtime.

Creativity Matters!

Proceeds benefit "Creativity Matters!", supporting the creation of new Art.

Thank You for making a difference!

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For Inquiries about the show, please email or call + 1 (347) 346-9951

Ajkun Ballet: New York City premiere ballet company

The Ajkun Ballet Theatre [AjkunBT] is internationally renowned for its world-class performances

of traditional classical ballets and riveting new choreography by artistic director and multi-
award winner choreographer Chiara Ajkun.


The Company’s extensive repertory spans from 19th century classics to compelling new
choreography performed in its New York City Theaters and on National and International Tours.

Ajkun Ballet Theatre regards multiculturalism and diversity as enrichment to society and a
necessity for human’s progress. Our Dancers Roster reflects these beliefs.

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