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Ajkun Ballet Theatre. Artistic Director: Chiara Ajkun

Chiara Ajkun- The Originals

This collection brings together the extraordinary art by Chiara Ajkun, one of the most influential choreographers of the century whose works form a pillar of innovative dance across 5 continents. 

The Originals is the signature repertory of the Ajkun Ballet Company.


“There is something incredible in the opportunity to bring to the stage your own art, with no restrictions, no audience scores, only your imagination and the emotions you hope to share” - Chiara Ajkun

Steeped in influences by artists of the 20th century, Chiara’s artistic vision was shaped by the classics and has evolved into contemporary ballets because of her inborn desire to experiment and innovate. She writes the stories to create passionate ballets inspired by historical facts, legends, unique music and close relationships with the dancers. 

Chiara Ajkun has distinguished herself for creating ballets marked by a breath and boldness of vivid imagination.

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Chiara Ajkun – Drama 

Reshaping the idea of theatrical, Chiara Ajkun’s original art challenges conventional notions of dance and adds movie flavor to her creations. Her visually stunning shows portray real feelings and fragility of humans, and at times, touch intimate issues in the actuality of contents.

Chiara Ajkun – Dance

The rich physicality of Chiara Ajkun choreography underlines fascinating characters and triggers the emotional and intellectual responses that art can evoke: reflections on personal experiences and broaden social contexts. Minimalistic décor leaves dance at the center of the stage.

Ajkun-Ballet-Theatre-The Originals-Chiara-Ajkun-RN7711.jpg
Ajkun-Ballet-Theatre-The Originals-Chiara-Ajkun_RN0959.jpg

Chiara Ajkun - Resonate 

Playing with symmetry and perspective, isolated and coordinated motions, Chiara Ajkun shifts dance movement to emotions in daring variations, orchestrated ensembles and eloquent pas de deux created, researched and molded on the dancer’s bodies. 

Chiara Ajkun – Ballets

Chiara Ajkun has created over 50 original ballets, collaborated with artists from 76 countries and brought her ballets to national theaters of 27 countries. 

Thanks to Chiara's leadership, the Ajkun Ballet Theatre has performed for millions of people in theaters, television and online platforms and set forth collaborations with other U.S. and international theaters, festivals and dance companies. The Originals is supported by Fever, Netflix and Creativity Matters!

Ajkun-Ballet-Theatre-The Originals-Chiara-Ajkun-Rehearsals-Kosovo.jpg

Ajkun Ballet: New York City premiere ballet company

The Ajkun Ballet Company performs world-class performances of classical ballets and riveting new choreography by artistic director and multi-award winner choreographer Chiara Ajkun

during its New York Season and on National and International Tours.

The professional company is an integral part of the Ajkun Ballet Theatre - AjkunBT - since 2000.

Booking Inquiries, please email or call + 1 (347) 346-9951

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