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AUDITION OPTIONS: ballet and dance

The AjkunBT Audition Form, Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions .pdf is available in the following languages

for your understanding; Only the English version of the form is valid for submission. 

Audition Form and Guidelines in English

Ajkun Ballet Theatre is always interested in talented dancers and arts professionals,

whether experienced or talented first-timers.

AjkunBT prides itself in providing opportunities to artists of all citizenships, as we consider diversity an enrichment to the arts community.

Yearly Company contracts are full-time or part-time. 

Qualifying dancers may be referred to AjkunBT's Partners in Dance for employment,

a worldwide network of over 150 dance companies sharing our vision to open the avenues of opportunities to younger dancers of any citizenship.

Auditions offer admission to our variety of programs as well as qualification for grants from the AjkunBT Fund.

If you are unsure which program best suits you, please visit our  Education for Dancers Page.

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Auditioning for AjkunBT