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Artistic Director: Chiara Ajkun


Children ($30 +): Contribute to children's education by donating tickets to attend our performances. For every $30 you donate, we offer 4 tickets to children ages 2 -13 years old. Performances are held in the New York City, Westchester County and Capital Region areas.

Senior Citizens & Adults ($30 +): Contribute to our community by donating tickets for citizens who cannot afford them. For every $30 you donate, we offer 2 tickets. Please let us know if you prefer to donate these tickets to Senior Citizens (65 +) or Adults (14 - 64 years old). Performances are held in the New York City, Westchester County and Capital Region areas.

The Healing Art ($2,500 +): Bring our performance to a Public School or a Hospital, and offer a cultural gem to the audience to lift their spirit. Your donation will make a difference in our youth at risk, and will aid patients and families enduring challenging circumstances.Performances may be offered in Manhattan and can travel within a 100 mile radius surrounding it.

Mail a check payable to Ajkun Ballet Theatre - A Ticket to Dream, 30 Pilot Street, suite 3 L, New York, NY 10464-1631 USA
Transfer funds from your bank or use your debit/credit card by visiting and send the funds to

Please do not forget to indicate your name, the program you are donating to, and provide us with an electronic or a postal address where you would like us to send your receipt. Please let us know if you wish for your gift to remain confidential.

Does your Employer have a matching gift program?
Email your matching gift form to or mail it to us at: Ajkun Ballet Theatre - A Ticket to Dream, 30 Pilot Street, suite 3 L,New York, NY 10464-1631 USA


Visit our Contribution page to read about other options to support Ajkun Ballet Theatre.

Reach out to your Community and provide free tickets to our performances for disadvantaged Children, Senior Citizens

and Adults or offer performances in Public Schools and Hospitals.

The arts are important to the fabric of all of our lives. Dance is a language spoken across racial, cultural, and educational barriers reaching directly to the heart. Have an impact on your community and offer tickets to people who cannot afford them. We promise to match every donation with greater or equal amount of tickets, because we strongly believe everyone has the right to dream.

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