Jack Kellner

Isabella Reyes- Famous​

Ballet Masters

Maria Elena Astrova

Luigi Martelletta

​Ellen Sinopoli

​Laura Teeter

The Ajkun Ballet Theatre Company, The Ajkun Ballet Theatre Organization and its authorized Agents exclusively represent all AjkunBT Artists, jointly and severally, worldwide.  Their name, photos, videos and likeness are copyrighted and require written consent from The Ajkun Ballet Theatre’s Press and Communication Division for any use. Original photo files will be made available when permitted.

Our Artists are The Company's most precious community. Whether performing Traditional Ballets or New Creations, it is their talent, skills, dedication and passion that collaborate to our achievements worldwide. The Company prides itself to bring together talented youngest handpicked from all over the world alongside extraordinary dancers internationally renowned.  Watch Performance Footage

Artistic Director

Chiara Ajkun

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