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Artistic Director: Chiara Ajkun

Don Quixote ballet by Chiara Ajkun


in New York City

130 West 56th Street, NYC, NY 10019

the performance is hosted by Ballet Arts, Rudolf Nureyev studio

A joyous celebration of love and laughter in a breathtaking ballet!

Show Running Times

​Saturday: April 23, April 30 and May 7, 2022 at 8:00 pm

​Sunday: April 24 and May 1, May 8, 2022 at 7:30 pm 

New York City premiere ballet company
The Ajkun Ballet Theatre [AjkunBT] is internationally renowned for its world-class performances of traditional classical ballets and riveting new choreography by artistic director and multi-award winner choreographer Chiara Ajkun. 

The Company’s extensive repertory spans from 19th century classics to compelling new choreography performed in its New York City Theaters and on National and International Tours. 

Ajkun Ballet Theatre regards multiculturalism and diversity as enrichment to society and a necessity for human’s progress. 

Our Dancers Roster reflects these beliefs.

​​Choreography:  Chiara Ajkun after Alexander Gorsky

Music: Leon Minkus

A Night at the Ballet could not be more appealing than spent watching Don Quixote.

The tale of two young lovers, Kitri and Basilio, infused with the vibrancy of Spain. The music filled with sounds of guitars and tambourines and the dancing, leaps and turns of flirtatious Gypsies and Toreadors Charming, exhilarating and plain funny,

"Chiara Ajkun’s version for Ajkun Ballet Theatre calls for pure entertainment."


Created in 2003 by Artistic Director Chiara Ajkun in the intimacy of our studios,

The Face To Face Series offers a close-up view of the dancers and the opportunity to take pictures and meet the cast at the end of the show. 

Each performance lasts about one hour and has no intermission. 

An alternative to Ajkun Ballet Theatre's more conventional Theater Shows, this Series is enjoyed by worldly audience members and first-theater goers alike because of the art immersion in the story and elegance of the dances and the exclusive experience to connect with artists and dance enthusiasts. 

General seating. Will Call opens one hour before the performance and audience is seated 30 minutes from showtime. 

Ticket Sale Revenues fund: 
Spring Tickets: "Creativity Matters!", part of the "Dancer's Ring!" supporting the creation of new Art.
Summer Tickets "Stars of the World", part of the "Dancer's Ring" supporting Dance Education for extraordinarily gifted Young Dancers.
Fall/Winter Tickets: "A Ticket To Dream", supporting theater attendance for the underprivileged and in-hospital performances.