ABOUT: Experience Dracula’s lavish lifestyle, 550 years later...

The truths, the legend, the myths, and the magic of Count Dracula revealed. The howling of the wolves will keep you company, as you enjoy traveling across time, right into the arms of vampires and their unexpected twists. Scream if you find yourself in the Twilight Zone, but be prepared –no one will hear you. Whether you love history, plan for an unusual Halloween or love the cruel beauty of our exceptional dancers, flood your senses and join us!

Choreography: Original Choreography by CHIARA AJKUN

Music:Various Artists

Running time: 1 hour  (Full-Length Version)



Appropriate for:HIGH SCHOOL & COLLEGE

Running Time: 1 hour  (Full-Length Version); 45 minutes (School Version)


Introductive lectures and Q/A periods are offered as part of the performance engagements and are included in school version running time.Dracula may be performed in its full-length version, school version or as part of a mixed playbill (performances of excerpts from two or more titles) for the desired running time. Schools may elect to maximize funding by planning mixed program playbill, matinee/s and consider adding a full evening performance open to the general public. All performing engagements offer the option to add a participatory program or residency conducted during the same period of time.

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