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ABOUT: Dream with the gracious and lyrical beauty of Cinderella and her Prince performing in a timeless classic!

Chiara Ajkun's ballet quoted by the press “no ordinary Cinderella,…a truly stunning show and you cannot help but laugh and clap” brings families and adults alike in the magical world of one of the most loved character, ever.

Choreography: Original Choreography by CHIARA AJKUN


Running time: 1 hour 20 minutes (Full-Length Version)



Appropriate for:ALL GRADE LEVELS

Running Time: 1 hour 20 minutes (Full-Length Version); 1 hour (School Version)


Introductive lectures and Q/A periods are offered as part of the performance engagements and are included in school version running time. Cinderella may be performed in its full-length version, school version or as part of a mixed playbill (performances of excerpts from two or more titles) for the desired running time. Schools may elect to maximize funding by planning mixed program playbill, matinee/s and consider adding a full evening performance open to the general public. All performing engagements offer the option to add a participatory program or residency conducted during the same period of time.