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ABOUT:An addictive fire of passion, love triangle and tragedy. Unmatched for passion, jealousy, and a love triangle turned into crime of passion, Carmen is set to Bizet’s stirring music, blazed by the dramatic voice of “La Divina” Maria Callas, and groundbreaking in its realism.
Chiara Ajkun’s choreography portrays Carmen as a leader of change for women’s free choices. Set apart by her taunting beauty, Carmen lays eyes on Don Josè. Explosive sparks follow, and the ultimate romance of love and passion keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

PRESS QUOTE: “(Ajkun’s) interpretation of Carmen is superb …. an outstanding success…[her choreography is] a masterly application in technique… wonderfully more elaborate buildings up and much finer characterization of the various personalities.”London Times – M. Ghirlando

Choreography: Original Choreography by CHIARA AJKUN

Music: GEORGE BIZET (staged to Maria Callas' Paris Opera recording)

Running time: 1 hour 20 minutes (Full-Length Version)



Appropriate for:COLLEGE

Running Time: 1 hour 20 minutes (Full-Length Version); 1 hour (School Version)


Introductive lectures and Q/A periods are offered as part of the performance engagements and are included in school version running time.Carmen may be performed in its full-length version, school version or as part of a mixed playbill (performances of excerpts from two or more titles) for the desired running time. Schools may elect to maximize funding by planning mixed program playbill, matinee/s and consider adding a full evening performance open to the general public. All performing engagements offer the option to add a participatory program or residency conducted during the same period of time.