Anna Karenina

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Artistic Director: Chiara Ajkun

ABOUT: There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, to complete the song every heart sings longing for another heart to whisper back.

Anna and Alexey meet at the train station; he falls in love like he never knew emotion existed.  She is amused by this sweet, funny, and passionate young man. Count Alexey Vronskiy wants all of her, impatiently, forever. Princess Anna Karenina struggles at his adoring eyes. Then, they dance. Their breath simply stops. She makes him invincible. He makes her vulnerable. Her laughter plays the strings of His soul, and His desire makes Her know bliss.  Vronskiy rejects his bride to be, Kitty. The ongoing war in Russia wounds Alexey. Love can no longer wait and Anna leaves her husband, Count Alexey Alexandrovich Karenin. Karenin retaliates by withdrawing their son, Seryozha. Anna’s compassion, friendship, heartfelt grace no longer mattered. Even her brother Stiva, sister-in-law Dolly, and close friend Betsy evade Anna’s company.  Devastated, Anna turns to morphine. It is the suburban railway station of Obiralovka, the place of their first meeting, that claims Anna’s life. Or is it the absurdity of a dogmatic society preaching the rules that they, themselves, are so ready to break, yet condemning the courage to do so under the sun?

Tolstoj’s literary style, the display of thoughts and feelings going through one’s mind, inspired choreographer Chiara Ajkun to create a ballet based on the internal monologue.  Anna and Alexey’s love questions the tacit rules of society, and intertwines with the stories of many other characters who personify the stereotypes of a bigot community.

Choreography: Original Choreography by CHIARA AJKUN


Running time: 1 hour (Full-Length Version)



Appropriate for:HIGH SCHOOL & COLLEGE

Running Time: 1 hour (Full-Length Version); 1 hour (School Version)


Introductive lectures and Q/A periods are offered as part of the performance engagements and are included in school version running time. Anna Karenina may be performed in its full-length version, school version or as part of a mixed playbill (performances of excerpts from two or more titles) for the desired running time. Schools may elect to maximize funding by planning mixed program playbill, matinee/s and consider adding a full evening performance open to the general public. All performing engagements offer the option to add a participatory program or residency conducted during the same period of time.