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ABOUT: A True Journey to Inspiring and Intriguing India

The enchanting and ancient India sets the background to a story of eternal love, exotic mystery and inevitable fate. Nikiya, La Bayadère [Temple Dancer], loves Solor, a noble Warrior.  A vivid palette of human intrigues to separate the lovers is destroyed by virtue of the Gods and Goddess of mysterious India.

Choreography: after MARIUS PETIPA


Running time: 1 hour 20 minutes (Full-Length Version)



Appropriate for:ALL GRADE LEVELS

Running Time: 1 hour 20 minutes (Full-Length Version); 1 hour (School Version)


Introductive lectures and Q/A periods are offered as part of the performance engagements and are included in school version running time. La Bayadère may be performed in its full-length version, school version or as part of a mixed playbill (performances of excerpts from two or more titles) for the desired running time. Schools may elect to maximize funding by planning mixed program playbill, matinee/s and consider adding a full evening performance open to the general public. All performing engagements offer the option to add a participatory program or residency conducted during the same period of time.

 La Bayadère