Take a look inside the most prestigious and vibrant dance studios of  New York City, where the Ajkun Ballet Theatre holds its daily classes and rehearsals; and the theaters that host our Performance Season.


​Summer and Winter programs to integrate the participant's dance education with the experience of our professional company and the highest standard of ballet training. New York Ballet.

PERFORMING in NEW YORK (14 years +):

A 4-week experience with Ajkun Ballet Theatre to enhance the training, performing expertise, and to receive exposure for career opportunities. Housing included.  




A week-long celebration of dance open to dancers and dance groups. Monday through Friday Workshop and Saturday Showcase for a panel of New York City experts.



DANCE in ITALY FESTIVAL ( 11-25 years old):

Organized by the University of Dance, Theater & Liberal Arts on the beautiful shores of Italy, the two-week workshop and performances sees Ajkun Ballet Theatre as resident guest. Dancers may audition through AjkunBT and apply for college credits. Housing available.




Ballet Classes independently offered by and to Company Artists in New York City, during periods when the Company is off or part of the Company is on tour. There is no audition to attend.

Contact artisticstaff@ajkunbt.org for details.

Email requests to ajkun@aol.com to ensure a timely and effective answer.
Postal correspondence should be addressed to:  AjkunBT - Dancers Programs, 30 Pilot Street, Suite 3 L, New York, NY 10464-1631 USA
Dancer Programs Telephone: + 1 347-346-9951


Designed to prepare talented students for a professional career in the U.S. and abroad.

TRAINEE PROGRAM  (16 years +):

Dancers of advanced level learn the Company's exclusive  repertory and are trained in the Ajkun Methodology, while experiencing the New York City Performing Arts Scene. 

The program meets the standards for H-3 visas.

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Students in the pursuit of in pre-vocational classical ballet training are nurtured to excel by our Saturday classes taught by Director Dr. Chiara Ajkun. Performance opportunities with the Company.


Contact ajkun@aol.com for details


Dance students and schools interested in performing in selected Company's performances, may contact artisticstaff@ajkunbt.org for opportunities.

 CHILDREN PROGRAMS (3-13 years old):

Fun dance activities offered during the Nutcracker, Spring and Summer with insights in the dance world behind the scenes.



Ajkun Ballet Theatre believes early exposure to life in a professional company to be key in a successful career choice. Dance education begins, and continues throughout one's life, by shaping the highest standards of aesthetic principles that only professional performances can offer to their audiences. Those who are interested in the pursuit of a professional dance career should become familiar with all production, performance and lifestyle aspects of this industry before entertaining the idea of becoming employed in the performing arts. Talent and creativity play important roles, however, professionally oriented individuals are to master the science behind the indispensable tools for this career. The art of academic teaching is a science based on discoveries of the empirical knowledge that guides our practice of ballet. Daily classes secure the ability to perform steps at their highest clarity, focus on musicality, flexibility, balance, speed and coordination as we marvel at how the body's complex systems interact in this process.  During rehearsals we take such practice to pragmatic criteria, based on hypothesis-driven research on dancer's bodies. The process employs dogmas of traditional repertory, where efforts are made to match standards set by history, and furthers into the future by newly created movements in contemporary ballet and contemporary dance choreographies. Extensive periods of time spent on theater stages fully provide hands-on practice. We recommend Dance Students, as young as 14 years of age, experience daily company operations in a professional, yet nurturing, summer study environment while continuing education in their home communities. Pre-Professionals and Professional Dancers as young as 16 years of age, should invest in preparing themselves to the highest artistic standard to take repertory, pas de deux, pointe and modern dance skills to a performing level and to learn how to create awareness for the opportunity of their services. Participants of our Programs are given the opportunity to explore many roles of AjkunBT's trademark repertory, are inspired and mentored by our Company professionals, as a symbol of the trust and unique relationship that our artists enjoy with the youngest. Each Dancer selected to participate in our programs is predicted to have a special spark that we hope will lead them to become one of the best world-class dancers of tomorrow, whether in The United States or in any other Country of the World. To Facilitate this process, Ajkun Ballet Theatre partners with over 150 Dance Companies worldwide to open the avenues of employment opportunities to the youngest dancers.

There is no question that an outstanding education is the predictive indicator of future success in society, and that the value of such education is immeasurable. However, it is our belief that the cost of education shall not be a hurdle for gifted dancers, regardless of their financial status. Our Educational Programs are funded by public and private contributions to significantly reduce each program's actual cost. The ratio of applicants to our programs guarantees your investment to be on a rising Star. Visit the Dancer's Ring to contribute, learn about the success of our Alumni who went on to take prominent positions in the professional world, and are currently employed in Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South Americas, and read what audience members, remarkable dancers, dance teachers and directors and prominent artists from five continents say about us on our Testimonials page.

Participants of our programs represent a distillation of the hopes and aspirations of a substantial number of Dancers and Dance Teachers. Over 2,000 candidates participate in our auditions every year, resulting in about 30 Dancers being accepted into the Company's Trainee and Summer Programs. 

Participants in our programs come from a variety of institutions throughout the United States and from many foreign countries. 

If you are unsure which program is best for you, please be aware that we welcome correspondence with applicants who would like assistance in determining the most appropriate program for their interests.
You may contact us by emailing ajkun@aol.com or meet with our Artistic Staff at our Open Auditions and Workshops.

You are encouraged to contact us by any of the means listed at the bottom of this page, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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