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Supporters perform a crucial role in sustaining the artistic stature of Ajkun Ballet Theatre.

Generous contributors have helped make Ajkun Ballet Theatre a premier dance organization, highly regarded in the local and international communities.With your support, we can continue our mission to open the avenues of understanding through the Arts, to create a wide range of job opportunities, to nurture the talent of young artists and to advance both artistic creativity and the science of teaching. All resources are welcome, and we encourage you to give at the support level that fits your means.

Artists and Audiences connect to embrace the liveliest cultural exchanges.

Because the costs of producing world-class performances and training younger generations of artists far exceeds ticket sales or program revenues, Ajkun Ballet Theatre depends upon sponsors income to provide approximately half of the annual operating costs. Please view the list of options available to our generous contributors to support Ajkun Ballet Theatre at the bottom of this page.


Individuals, Businesses and Corporations may join the Dancer’s Ring to help AjkunBT offset costs of the dancers’ training and rehearsals, costumes, pointe and ballet flat shoes, and tour expenses to perform traditional ballets and new contemporary creations. At any level of contribution, the Donor may elect to temporarily designate funds to a specific dancer “BRAVO!” or country of choice “STARS OF THE WORLD”, to allocate funds towards newly created dances “CREATIVITY MATTERS!” and to honor or remember someone by subtitling a performance “NAMING OPPORTUNITIES”.

Level of Contribution:

Friend ($75 - $199)

Dancer ($200 - $499)
Soloist ($500 - $999)
Principal ($1,000 - $1,999)
Dancer's Council ($2,000 - $3,499)
Soloist's Council ($3,500 - $4,999)
Principal's Council ($5,000 +)

Etoile's Council ($10,000 +)

For Underwriting Opportunity for your favorite Company Artist’s Season Contract, starting at $20,000, please contact us:

Email:; Telephone: 347-346-9951;  Postal Correspondence: 30 Pilot Street, Suite 3 L, New York, NY 10464-1631 USA

Our Artists are the Company’s most precious community.
Whether performing Treasured Ballets from the past or exploring newly created  Contemporary Dance with our Choreographers, it is the Dancers’ Talent, Skills, Dedication and Passion that bring the vivid emotions and breathtaking athleticism for which the Company is renowned worldwide on stage.
When they are not onstage performing in the United States, Europe or Australia, our remarkable Artists are presenting collaborative programs in Public Schools, Dance Institutions and scouting new talent throughout Auditions around the world.


Support the exceptional Professional Dancers who embody the Ajkun Ballet Theatre Company.
At any level of contribution, you may elect to temporarily designate funds towards the Artists Roster or to your favorite Company’s Artist. Contributions sustain dancer’s training, costumes, pointe and ballet flat shoes and tour expenses to perform traditional ballets and new contemporary creations.

Support new Talent selected from all over the world to train with Ajkun Ballet Theatre.
At any level of contribution, you may elect to temporarily designate funds towards the Junior Artists Roster or towards emerging Artists from your favorite Country. Contributions sustain dancer’s training during the Ajkun Ballet Theatre Season and Summer programs, and help a younger generation to seamlessly enter the work force with the Company or other leading professional companies.
Support the creations of new Art conceived by our Resident Choreographers.
At any level of contribution, you will help in offsetting the costs of rehearsals and costumes for the choreographies premiered during our Season. There is no better gift to keep Dance alive.


Honor or remember Someone Special or promote your Business by supporting a Performance.
Starting at $5,000, a subtitle of our upcoming performances will acknowledge your contribution. For example: “The Nutcracker, performances honor Mr. and Mrs. John Smith”. A
great way to thank Someone Special or promote a Business, offered for public schools, colleges, and theater performances.


Mail a check payable to Ajkun Ballet Theatre – Dancer’s Ring, 30 Pilot Street, Suite 3 L, New York, NY 10464-1631 USA

Transfer funds from your bank or use your debit/credit card by visiting and send the funds to
International donations accepted by credit card only.

Please do not forget to indicate name the program you are donating to, and to provide us with an electronic or postal address where you would like us to send your receipt. Please let us know if you wish for your gift to remain confidential.


There are a number of ways to support Ajkun Ballet Theatre. View the following resources to learn more about why your donations are needed, our various funding priorities and the different options available to our generous contributors. Please contact us at to learn how you can also help through volunteering opportunities and in-kind donations.

If you are interested in:

Then you may want to support:

Helping the Underpriviledged

A Ticket to Dream

Enhancing Worldwide Friendship, Tourism and Quality of Life

AjkunBT Fund

Treasuring the History and Tradition of the United States

Gold Circle

Extraordinary Leadership in your Community

Platinum Circle

Read more on our Contribution page.

The Dancer's Ring

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