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Dance & Student Teachers

The program comprises of hands-on study of the Ajkun Methodology at advanced/professional levels and understanding of the company's Production & Performance time, fully allowing participants to experience subjects not conventionally accessible in a study setting. This program best suits Professional Dancers and Dance Teachers/Student Teachers intending to enhance their pedagogic preparation and to teach in private studios, conservatoires and professional companies. This program is also recommended for students pursuing doctoral study in dance education and teaching in higher education. Dancers please visit our Trainee page online, from the Education for Dancers menu.

AjkunBT supports the study of technique and repertory education as complementary domains of knowledge. Participants examine the daily training of the Company in Ballet, Pointe, Partnering/Pas de Deux, Variations, and collect important information about our Injury Prevention and Physical Strengthening plan (IPPSP). Observing the staging of the AjkunBT Repertory allows participants to master the artistic imagery and research process of our Residential Choreographers. As an assignment, participants are required to prepare pedagogic-based questionnaires to present during weekly meetings with Senior Company Artists. Read about the Ajkun Methodology online and visit The Artists page for our Company Roster. Read the biographies of the Artistic Director: Dr. Chiara Ajkun.

The objective of our Company is to produce and present Professional Performances. Participants have the opportunity to partake in the multi faceted process of producing and presenting performances, and to develop and analyze realistic skills required by professionals employed in the dance capital of the world. Through fieldwork, participants are exposed to the opportunity to further their careers by networking. For our Performance Calendar visit our Main page.

For a list of companies who have employed AjkunBT Alumni & Artists, visit our Alumni page, accessible online from the menu Education for Dancers.

Acceptance is limited to 2 Dance Teachers admitted to participate in the summer intensive Performing in New York and 2 Dance Teachers admitted to participate in the entire New York Season. Minimum age is 18 years old. Participation is granted on a first-come, first-serve basis to the exhaustion of places available to candidates of any citizenship who can demonstrate having mastered a strong ballet technique. To maintain the remarkable artistic standard required by our Company, positions may be divided for countries. Applications are accepted as early as THREE YEARS in advance of the intended year of participation. Early Registration is strongly recommended

Qualification Process:
Candidates are admitted through an Audition. Auditionees for the program are required to send in the registration fee along with the Audition Form and audition fee to preserve the availability of their spot. The registration fee is reimbursed only in the case that acceptance is denied. For audition details and to obtain the audition form, email: or download the Dance Teachers Audition Form. Successful candidates will be provided with a complete informative package and guided by our Staff through the process leading to officially becoming a Teacher Trainee to the Ajkun Ballet Theatre Company.  

Program Dates:
Visit our online page Performing in New York also accessible from the menu Education for Dancers. For the New York Season, please see Program Terms.

Program Terms & Accommodation:
The program is structured in Terms corresponding to the Company’s repertory productions. Terms are numbered only for the purpose of facilitating understanding, and Artists may be invited to join at anytime. Terms are hereafter indicated as T and the number, example: T1 reads Term 1
T1: October-November & December. Primary focus on XIX & XX Century Repertory Ballets and Contemporary Creations - held in the Company’s Manhattan  residential studios with performances in New York City and Westchester County. No accommodation provided, independent listing available upon request.

T2: March- April & May. Primary focus on Innovative Neoclassical and Contemporary Creations held in the Company’s Manhattan residential studios with performances in New York City and Westchester County. No accommodation provided, independent listing available upon request.
T4: July & August (National Tour, namely “Performing in New York”), focus on Large Ballets and Contemporary Creations - held at our summer house The Egg Center for Performing Arts in Albany (NY), the City Center and Hostos Center for Arts in New York City. All Company Artists will be accommodated in the Artists wing during AjkunBT’s residency in Albany (NY).

Program Costs:
The annual cost to the Company for each Artist, before payment of his/her services, is estimated at US$7,500.00 (Performing in New York) and US $28,000.00 (New York Season) for each participant. Participants are selected for the program without regard of their financial need. Ballet depends on great partnerships, onstage and off, and the participant is required to seek financial contribution/s from extramural agencies and/or individual/s to help in offsetting the remaining costs, thereafter referred to as “fee”. The fee is to be paid by the Contributor to the Company as unrestricted funds, temporarily earmarked in the participant’s name. The fee is non-refundable and may be reassigned at any time to activities and objectives specified by the Ajkun Ballet Theatre‘s Board of Directors. Ordinary cost includes: Production Costs, Facility Expenses, Administration, Public Support Expenses, and Management Expenses. Company’s revenues (i.e., Performance Ticket Sales and Tour Fees, Public Support, Investment Income, etc.) help offsetting ordinary cost.

Public and private contributions keep the fee considerably lower than the program‘s actual costs. The fee for each participant is US$ 3,580.00 for the summer intensive Performing in New York, and US$6,495.00 for the New York Season. The fee is payable in full upon acceptance or in four installments. Additional registration fee is US$65.00

Since 2007, AjkunBT Artists have been able to earn up to 30 credits (for each season completed) toward the completion of Undergraduate or Graduate University degrees and grades of SAT/UND towards Undergraduate course fulfillment. Teacher’s Certification Credits may be earned through participation in The Ajkun Ballet Theatre‘s Arts in Education Programs held in the New York State Public School System during the New York Season. Please inquire directly with your College/University about transferable credits. Successful participants may request a Certificate of Achievement as evidence of the course fulfillment. 

Foreign candidates who have successfully qualified for the New York Season must contact the Company’s immigration attorney, or another qualified attorney, as the participant deems necessary, in order to ensure full compliance with the U.S. visa requirements. The contact information of the Company’s immigration attorney is provided to qualifying candidates upon request.