Ballet Workshop with Ajkun Ballet Theatre in Italy

This workshop offers the opportunity to learn the world's most advanced technique for ballet, the Ajkun Methodology, directly taught by its creator Dr. Chiara Ajkun, as well as to further ballet, variations and laboratory choreographic studies with the dancers of the Ajkun Ballet Theatre. Dance teachers are welcome.

Participants may  earn college credits (CFU) toward a degree and/or for opportunities with Ajkun Ballet Theatre in the United States of America.

The participants' and Ajkun Ballet Theatre artists 's performance concludes the workshop.

Classes held during weekdays. Weekend available for activities.

Housing Available.

Next session: July 5- 16, 2022

Admission by audition in person or video.

You may audition at the same time for all programs of the Ajkun Ballet Theatre and to seek financial aid from the AjkunBT Fund.

A list of programs is available at:
Ajkun Ballet  - Education for Dancers

Dance in Italy

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This information is for Intermediate and Advanced Dance Students.
Please contact us for information about Beginners and Children programs.

Ballet Workshop with AjkunBT in Italy

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Dance workshop with Ajkun Ballet Theatre in Italy

Dance Workshop and Performance Platform in Italy

Organized by the University of Dance, Theater and Liberal Arts with guests from the Ajkun Ballet Theatre,

this festival is the perfect scenario for a vacation to share with friends and families.

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Artistic Director: Chiara Ajkun

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