The Ajkun Ballet Theatre, Inc. is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt corporation founded to promote public interest in the art of dance, to present dance productions, and to support younger generations of dancers and dance professionals. Annual Reports and Audited Financials may be obtained by contacting Ajkun Ballet Theatre's CPA.


Via Vittorio Veneto 80 - 46047 Porto Mantovano (MN) ITALY, EUROPE

Telephone: +39 (0376) 396824 

Prof. Daniela Ghiraldini - Chief Executive (CEO for Europe of the Board of Directors)

Dr. Antonia Barone - Chief Financial Grants Officer (Public Fund EU Administrator of the Board of Directors)
Marisa Mutti - Chief Executive Officer BRASS, Official Company Provider (In Kind EU Director of the Board of Directors)
To contact our Overseas Office email (in Italian) or (in English, Spanish or French)

Mary Jo Byrne, AP - Well Being Unit Director (Well Being Director of the Board of Directors)
Dr. Payam Cohen, DDS, PC - Company Doctor of Dental Science
Dr. Sumati B. Deutscher, OD - Company Doctor of Optometry
Dr. Jia Kang - Company Doctor Acupuncturist
Dr. Gregory A. Werner, DC - Company Doctor Chiropractic
Patrizia Mantovani - Yoga, Gyrotonic Instructor (Board of Advisors)
Karen Millard - Company Pilates & Injury Prevention Instructor

Shannon Keller - Company Masseuse

Robin Werner - Nutritionist

Bridie Connors-Schwartz - Pilates

To contact our Staff directly email

Marie Hickey - Press & Communication Chief Director (Media Director of the Board of Directors)

Dr. Valentine Lomellini - Press & Communication Executive Director

Monique Ortiz Lopez de Victoria - (Public Relations Director of the Board of Directors)

Markus Frei, Rachel Neville - Art Directors

Fabio Tosi (Head WM), Stefano Galeazzi, Danilo Sisti, Andrea Succi - Web Graphic Masters

David Ford - Film Coordinator

Ron Terner, Ted Kivitt, Fadil Berisha, Jeff Berman, Simone Ghera, Gary GoldPaula Kajzar, Rachel Neville, Rosalie O'Connor - Photographers

To contact our Press & Communication Division email


THE CITY CENTER STUDIOS, 130 W 56th Street, NYC, NY 10019

HSA, 645 St. Nicholas Avenue, NYC, NY 10030 (spring & fall residency)
MMAC, 248 W 60th Street (Lincoln Center Area), NYC, NY 10023 (spring & fall residency)
NEW 42nd STREET STUDIOS, 229 W 42nd Street, NYC, NY 10036
PAVE PAC, 265 Clove Road, New Rochelle, NY 10801 (spring & fall residency)
THE EGG, 1 Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12220 (summer residency)
THE DANCE in ITALY FESTIVAL, Vado Ligure ITALY (summer residency)
NATIONAL OPERA HOUSE of TIRANA, Skanderbeg Square, Tirana, ALBANIA (spring & summer residency)


Ramona Vicenty Stern - Director of Business Development (Executive Business Vice President of the Board of Directors)

Gianni Toniutti - Tosolini, Lamura, Rasile & Toniutti Law Firm (Europe and East Coast)
Mitchell Weingarden - Menken & Weingarden pllc (East Coast)
Guy Sirna  - Certified Public Accountant

Maria Dolores Garcia - Secretary (Secretary of the Board of Directors)

Manuel Castro - (Foreign and Internal Affairs Director of the Board of Directors)

Vivian Henao - (International Touring Director of the Board of Directors)
Margareth Sandy Pilla - Special Events Director (Fundraising Director of the Board of Directors)
Elan Wolf, Peter Weber - Office Head Technician

Justin Clark, Kwan Gray - Social Media Strategists

Fernando Gonzales, Ken Ogura, Michael Coscia, Margarita Almazan, Brandon Rosenblatt, Suleima Riva - Administrative Assistants
To contact our Administrators and Managing Staff email

Please note that the most effective way to contact our Staff is via email at


Box Office:

Telephone: 212-868-4444


(type Ajkun into Find for a listing of our current performances on sale)


30 Pilot Street, Suite 3 L, NYC, NY 10464-1631 USA

Presenters & Producers Telephone: 347-346-9951

Dancers' Programs Telephone: 864-420-6150

Dr. Chiara Ajkun - Artistic Director (President of the Board of Directors)
Ellen Sinopoli (Board of Advisors),  Royce Zackery - Resident Choreographers
Maria Elena Astrova, Ramon Thielen - Scholarship Fund Advocates (Board of Advisors)
Dr. Domenic Guastaferro - Arts in Education Programs Director (Education Director of the Board of Directors)

Dan Tomolescu - Live Music Director
Ella Betts,- Associate to the Audition Coordinator
Yuriy Nayer, David Ojala, Stephanie Van Sandt - Lighting Designers
Beth Elaine Blanken, Jetta Tomulescu - Costume Designers
Hernest Galupin, Chi Shay - Hair Stylists
Mia Bouman - Make Up Artist
Gulistan Ramadani - Wardrobe Mistress 
To contact  our Staff & the AjkunBT Dancers directly email

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