Students learn directly from Artistic Director Chiara Ajkun, and her carefully selected teaching staff to include principal dancers of the Ajkun Ballet Theatre Company and visiting faculty from preeminent companies from all over the world. The individualized attention and the groundbreaking Ajkun Methodology © guarantee each student will reach their greatest potential.
Our programs train the students in the Ajkun Methodology ©, rooted on the Vaganova method, an innovative, science-based approach based on the fundamentals of kinesiology, biomechanics and psychological development, aimed to facilitate the understanding of complex training concepts, while preventing posture disorders and hindering musculoskeletal dysfunctions.


The Ajkun Ballet School's extraordinary training includes progressive study

from Intermediate to Professional Graduate Level in:
- Classical Technique

- Pointe / Variations

- Pas de Deux (partnering the professional dancers of the Ajkun Ballet Theatre Company)

- Choreographer's Coaching

- Performances

- Study & Perform Abroad

- Career & Marketing Classes

- Elective Classes in Injury Prevention, Nutrition, Preventive Health, Pilates, Cross Training

PRE-PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM:                                       Fulltime Students                                                   
The year-round program is held Monday through Friday for Fulltime students between the ages of 14 and 19 preparing for a professional career at the highest standard.

Holidays are observed in accordance with the NYS public school calendar.
Tuition: $13,095 with several payment options available.

No potential student should be deterred from applying due to lack of financial means. About 90% of students are supported financially in some form. 

PRE-PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM:                                       Junior Associates

The year-round program is held on selected Saturdays for Junior Associates. The Junior Associates Program nurtures young, talented students between the ages of 12 and 17 in pursuit of excellence in pre-vocational classical ballet training.

Holidays are observed in accordance with the NYS public school calendar.

Tuition:  $1,995


Our unique summer programs offer the highest quality ballet education in the world. All of our programs are student focused, and their training and welfare are the heart of everything we do.

Performing in New York                                                                          (July 21 - August 18, 2018)

This 4-week intensive focuses on the individual potential, strengthens the technique and self-confidence of each participant, and fully immerses dancers in the art of performing.

Tuition: US$3,645

Dance in Italy Festival                                                                               (July 2 - 14, 2018)

Study abroad in a safe and nurturing environment, combining the benefits of exploring the Italian shores with the passion for ballet and other European styles for 2 weeks.

Tuition:  €1,065


We are looking for talented young dancers with a passion for classical ballet. You may audition by video or in person through Company Class, Ajkun Open Class or at one of our Open Auditions. Visit ourAudition page for additional information.

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ADDITIONAL PROGRAMS OFFERED:   Young Dancers(Ages 12 and Younger)       Full-Time Trainee  


Email requests to ajkun@aol.com to ensure a timely effective answer.
Postal correspondence should be addressed to: Ajkun Ballet School, 30 Pilot Street, Suite 3 L, New York, NY 10464-1631 USA
Dancer's Programs Telephone: + 1 347-346-9951

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holds its daily classes and rehearsals; and the theaters that host our Performance Season.

Our Classical Ballet School Programs are designed for dedicated students 12-19 years of age preparing for a professional career with Ajkun Ballet Theatre and beyond. Along with daily lessons in classical technique, students will learn the classical repertoire, work with choreographers on new creations, are offered elective classes for their wellbeing, and mentored in career and marketing skills for a successful career.

Graduate Dancers may apply to our Trainee program and Younger Students may attend our Young Dancers program.

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