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If you are passionate about Dance, the Ajkun Methodology is the leading - if not the definitive - Ballet Training for Gifted Dancers.

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  Exclusively Available from Ajkun Ballet Theatre - USA

The mechanisms that govern ballet training are often empirically known, resulting in poor understanding of the techniques and high exposure to injuries. Furthermore, the rationale for applying a training style* versus a method** confines the efficiency of the dancer’s body to speculative tries rather than proven science, and limits the dancer’s competence for reasonable expectations of employment. Concurrently, few Dance Institutions integrate in their curriculum the music basics, the stimulation of theatrical approach and the practice of a full array of movements, tempos, and styles ranging from classicism all the way to contemporary ballet, necessary to the full development of a professional performer.
* Distinctive mode of action and manner of acting.
** Settled kind of procedure, according to a definite, logical and systematic plan.


The Ajkun Methodology comprises of learning methods in Ballet, Pointe and Pas de Deux techniques completed by well-rounded repertory and music qualities. Based on the fundamentals of kinesiology, biomechanics and psychological development, this methodology facilitates the understanding of complex training concepts, while aiming to prevent posture disorders and to lengthen performing careers by hindering musculoskeletal dysfunctions.


The Ajkun Methodology is specifically designed for the professional practice employed at the highest dance industry standards. Additional branching includes Early Training for Dance Students and Remedial/Corrective Classes for Dance Professionals.


The Ajkun Methodology is exclusively available from Ajkun Ballet Theatre, New York City, NY, and the dancers of the Ajkun Ballet Theatre Company are trained daily in this distinctive methodology.

Dance Students, Professional Dancers and Dance Teachers may have access to this superb training by Auditioning for the Ajkun Ballet Theatre’s company or programs (Trainee Program | Performing in New York | New York Winter Festival).

Additional opportunities include Seminars offered in Italy every February, June and July at the University of Dance and at the Tirana National Ballet Academy in June. Seminars are discussion-based, and therefore free both the instructor and the students from the usual constraints of a lecture course, such as exams and letter grades.  Students are instead awarded a grade of SAT/UNS which counts towards the fulfillment of requirements for graduation. The Freshman Seminar Programs ordinarily involve one faculty instructor and fifteen freshmen and encourage close and early contact between undergraduates and members of the faculty. The Graduate Seminar Programs, which graduate students will take for
credit, actively engage graduate students with faculty to consider central conceptual and analytic themes, to learn the pedagogy, and to partake in labs of the Ajkun Methodology. The
Graduate Seminar Programs ordinarily involve one faculty instructor, three to five graduate students and up to ten intermediate dance students.

Workshops  in the Ajkun Methodology are made available to dance students in selected Dance Institutions. Our Artistic Staff currently serves prominent Dance Schools and Companies in the USA and Canada (January & February), Europe and Asia (February & March), Australia and New Zealand (September), and South America (December). Refresher Courses for Dance Professionals are available by reservation. Please visit our Master Class page or contact us at for details.

The Ajkun Methodology