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Artistic Director: Chiara Ajkun

Extraordinary Leadership​​

Ajkun Ballet Theatre is supported by the exceptional leaders that govern, manage and carry out the daily operation of Ajkun Ballet Theatre,

125 people in 5 continents with the shared mission to share and celebrate the excellence of Chiara Ajkun’s creative vision and 150 professional dance organizations have embraced Chiara's dream to open the avenues of opportunities and employment for our talented Youth. 

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The Ajkun Ballet School: Dance Education, Training Programs
“I owe so much to the incredible Chiara Ajkun, but life-changing experience is the one that comes to mind”

Sophia Sing – Phoenix, AZ

Blending theory, practice and passion, the Ajkun Ballet Theatre’s training have a dual mission: to train classical ballet dancers capable of joining the ranks of any world-class companies and to offer our local youth the joy of moving to music.

Year-round Trainee Program and Summer Intensives in the Ajkun Methodology are offered to professionally oriented students. ​

​Dance Performance programs for Children & Teens and the New York Winter Festival offer the opportunity to celebrate Dance of all genres.

All of our Programs are Tuition-Free or Subsidized and the AjkunBT Fund may offer additional help for living and travel costs.

​“Chiara Ajkun’s methodology has absolutely transformed my brain, body and dancing and I’m so incredibly grateful for this amazing opportunity. Chiara’s concepts really resonate with me and I can see a real difference in my technique and in my mentality about ballet. 
I have so much more joy about dancing and much more freedom to grow and explore.”

Kristina, prevocational dance student in 7th grade – Manhattan, NY

"It is so gratifying to find a program that can meet and exceed all of my expectations regarding the needs of a young male dancer in training. Dance development for boys requires a unique focus and approach and you have provided an unparalleled experience that has met and pushed him to the next level of technique and performance." 
Parent of Andrew, children dance program participant in 6th grade – Queens, NY

AjkunBT Fund: Financial Aid for Dance Students and Professionals

“The AjkunBT Fund provided me with funds, expertise, and mentorship to develop my ballet education. In addition, the guidance and experiences that I obtained at Ajkun Ballet Theatre gave me the tools to cultivate relationships with Patrons of the Arts and Foundations that have supported my professional career as a dancer. As the son of a single parent in Ecuador, I would have never been able to accomplish any of it without the help of the AjkunBT Fund”.
Raul Evera, Dancer

The Company roster features 35 Artists remarked for artistry, athleticism and elegance.
On Tours our roster may increase to 52 Artists, of which 45 Dancers, and add Live Orchestra of 65 Musicians.

Our Artists regularly perform as Guests in a worldwide network of 150 partner companies named Partners in Dance.

“[Thielen] offers a larger-than-life performance as a dude who steps through a blend of ballet

and the vernacular with snake-hipped virtuosity.” 

The New York Times - Anna Kisselgoff

“Gli Artisti dell’AjkunBT hanno rapito il pubblico reggino con passi a due di rara intensità in cui le luci e i corpi

vergano le linee del progetto del celebre architetto italiano Palladio.” 

Gazzetta del Sud – Eleonora Delfino 

Ajkun Ballet Theatre regards multiculturalism and diversity as enrichment to society
and a necessity for human’s progress. Our Dancers Roster reflects these beliefs.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
wrote to Chiara Ajkun for her remarkable achievements
“You are preserving our culture and heritage and demonstrating that our diversity is our greatest strength”.

“[Chiara Ajkun’s] Carmen is superb…an outstanding success… [Chiara’s choreography is] a masterly application in technique…wonderfully more elaborate buildings up and much finer characterization of the various personalities”
London Times - Maria Ghirlando

“Chiara Ajkun is an innovative choreographer who challenges the performers and allows them to flourish and explore their own identities. Steps that defy physics, effortlessly sewn together, characterize Ajkun’s works.”
DanceTrain Australian Magazine – Dani Brown

“Chiara Ajkun possède le don du vertige, lent mais profound, avec un résultat scénique
sophistiqués, formidable et merveilleux”
Le Monde – Paris France

Ajkun Ballet Theatre [AjkunBT] is internationally renowned for its world-class performances of riveting new choreography by artistic director and resident choreographer Chiara Ajkun.

The Company’s extensive repertory spans from 19th century classics to compelling new choreography performed by its award-winning Artists in our NYC Theaters and on Tours.

The Performing season unfolds at the Alvin Ailey Theater, New York City Center, The Egg Performing Arts Center, Hostos Performing Arts Center, Whitney Theater, Linda Kelly Theater, MMAC Theater at Lincoln Center, the Dance in Italy Festival and at Open Jar and Symphony Space on Broadway.

The Ajkun Ballet Theatre company has performed for thousands of people in theaters of four continents as well as for millions more through television and online platforms. Tours have included Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bolivia, Europe, United Kingdom and the United States.
Television broadcasts include ABC, BBC, FOX, RAI, REDE GLOBO and TPA. ​

Inspired by the philosophy of artistic director and cultural leader Dr. Chiara Ajkun, The AjkunBT Fund is enthused on the United States Mutual Education and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961 (Fulbright-Hayes), a cornerstone of public diplomacy and an integral component of foreign policy of the Unites States of America.

The mission of the AjkunBT Fund is to increment professional opportunities by providing merit and need based financial aid to dancers, choreographers and dance companies.

The AjkunBT Fund has granted millions of dollars to Dance Students, Professional Dancers to pursue dance education and has supported Choreographers and Dance Companies in producing or presenting new creations in New York. 
At press time, Artists from 150 Countries have benefited from our grants.

New York City premiere ballet company

“The key is the choreography by Chiara Ajkun, which is among the finest and most innovative I have seen. [Chiara Ajkun’s choreography] is a work of genius, combining beautifully coordinated motion with astute interpretation of the composer’s intention.” 
Portland Press Herald – Christopher Hyde

Ajkun Ballet Theatre - New York

in New York City since 2001 │ Artistic Director: Dr. Chiara Ajkun
The 501 (c3) Not for Profit Corporation supports the philosophy and creative vision of choreographer,

dance teacher and cultural leader Chiara Ajkun through performances, training, education and community programs of the

Ajkun Ballet Theatre Company [AjkunBT]. Affiliations: Ajkun Ballet School and AjkunBT Fund.